dLSoft product versions and content dates  
Product Version Production date part #
AnyLabels Pro 6.01 16-Nov-17 ANL/1
Barcode Analyser 1.10 6-Jun-17 BAN/1
Barcode Byte Reporter 1.10 6-Jun-17 BBR/1
Barcode Desk 3.20 16-Nov-17 TBD/1
dBarcode Pro 8.67 16-Nov-17 DBCP/1
dLabel Pro 8.57 16-Nov-17 DLBP/1
dQRCodes 1.01 6-Jun-17 DQRC/1
ReallySimpleBarcodes 5.21 16-Nov-17 RSBP/1
Really Simple Labels 4.01 16-Nov-17 RSL/1
Barcodes & Labels for Office (Full) 2.01 16-Nov-17 BALF/1
Barcodes & Labels for Office (1D) 2.01 16-Nov-17 BAL1/1
Barcodes & Labels for Office (2D) 2.01 16-Nov-17 BAL2/1
Barcode Tools for Crystal Reports (Full) 4.01 16-Nov-17 BCRF/1
Barcode Tools for Crystal Reports (1D) 4.01 16-Nov-17 B1CR/1
Barcode Tools for Crystal Reports (2D) 4.01 16-Nov-17 B2CR/1
Active Barcode Components      
Active Barcode Component Standard 8.00 6-Jun-17 ABSTD/1
Active Barcode Component GS1 8.00 6-Jun-17 ABGS1/1
Active Barcode Component Aztec 8.00 6-Jun-17 ABAZ/1
Active Barcode Component DataMatrix 8.00 6-Jun-17 ABDM/1
Active Barcode Component PDF417 8.00 6-Jun-17 ABPD/1
Active Barcode Component QR Code 8.00 16-Nov-17 ABQR/1
Active Barcode Component GS1 Databar 8.00 6-Jun-17 ABRS/1
Active Barcode Component Universal 8.00 16-Nov-17 ABUF/1
Active Barcode Component Universal 1D 8.00 16-Nov-17 AB1U/1
Active Barcode Component Universal 2D 8.00 16-Nov-17 AB2U/1
dBarcode DLLs      
dBarcode DLL Standard 8.00 27-Sep-17 DLSTD/1
dBarcode DLL GS1 8.00 27-Sep-17 DLGS1/1
dBarcode DLL Aztec 8.00 10-Nov-17 DLAZ/1
dBarcode DLL DataMatrix 8.00 10-Nov-17 DLDM/1
dBarcode DLL PDF417 8.00 10-Nov-17 DLPD/1
dBarcode DLL QR Code 8.00 16-Nov-17 DLQR/1
dBarcode DLL GS1 Databar 8.00 10-Nov-17 DLRS/1
dBarcode DLL Composite 8.00 6-Jun-17 DLCMP/1
dBarcode DLL  Universal 8.10 16-Nov-17 DLUF/1
dBarcode DLL  Universal 1D 8.10 16-Nov-17 DL1U/1
dBarcode DLL  Universal 2D 8.10 16-Nov-17 DL2U/1
dBarcode Developer Kits      
dBarcode Developers Kit (Full) 11.10 16-Nov-17 DKF/1
dBarcode Developers Kit (1D) 11.10 16-Nov-17 DK1D/1
dBarcode Developers Kit (2D) 11.10 16-Nov-17 DK2D/1
.NET components      
dBarcode.NET  - Standard 6.00 6-Jun-17 DNSTD/1
dBarcode.NET  - GS1 6.00 6-Jun-17 DNGS1/1
dBarcode.NET  - Aztec 6.00 6-Jun-17 DNAZ/1
dBarcode.NET  - DataMatrix 6.01 6-Jun-17 DNDM/1
dBarcode.NET  - PDF417 6.00 6-Jun-17 DNPD/1
dBarcode.NET  - QR Code 6.00 16-Nov-17 DNQR/1
dBarcode.NET  - GS1 Databar 6.00 6-Jun-17 DNRS/1
dBarcode.NET  - Composite 6.00 6-Jun-17 DNCMP/1
dBarcode.NET  - Dual 6.01 16-Nov-17 DNDU/1
dBarcode.NET  - 1D Universal 6.01 16-Nov-17 DN1U/1
dBarcode.NET  - 2D Universal 6.01 16-Nov-17 DN2U/1
Labels.NET components      
Labels.NET Standard 6.00 6-Jun-17 LNS/1
Labels.NET Professional 6.01 16-Nov-17 LNP/1
Barcode fonts for Windows      
Codabar barcode font 7.10 1-Dec-17 DFBAR/1
Code 128/EAN128 barcode font 7.10 1-Dec-17 DF128/1
Code 39 barcode font 7.10 1-Dec-17 DF39/1
EAN/UPC barcode font 7.10 1-Dec-17 DFEAN/1
TelePen barcode font 7.10 1-Dec-17 DFTP/1
Barcode font kits for Windows      
Aztec Font Kit 8.00 19-Oct-17 FKAZ/1
DataMatrix Font Kit 8.00 19-Oct-17 FKDM/1
GS1-Databar Font Kit 8.00 6-Jun-17 FKDB/1
PDF417 Font Kit 8.00 19-Oct-17 FKPD/1
QR Code Font Kit 8.00 16-Nov-17 FKQR/1
Universal Barcode Font Kit (Full) 8.10 16-Nov-17 FKFU/1
Universal Barcode Font Kit (1D) 8.10 16-Nov-17 FK1U/1
Universal Barcode Font Kit (2D) 8.10 16-Nov-17 FK2U/1
Server products      
Barcode Server (Full) 6.10 16-Nov-17 BIMGF/1
Barcode Server (1D) 6.10 16-Nov-17 B1MG/1
Barcode Server (2D) 6.10 16-Nov-17 B2MG/1
dBarScan.NET 1D 3 06-Jun-17 DS1N/1
dBarScan DLL 1D 1.1 06-Jul-09 DS1C/1
Single computer licences are for products on one computer only. Developer licences allow distribution of the relevant run-time for up to 10,000 distributions. Upgrade prices are for upgrade from the previous version of the SAME licence type only. Upgrading from single computer to Developer/multi-user licence requires the price difference between licence types (PLUS the single computer upgrade price if original product is more than 1 year old).